Let's introduce ONEBIO and who we are.

Our story

We are an experienced team of life science & pharma , IT experts and management consultants with the same passion for digitization. Due to different assignment in the blood and plasma industry we learned that there is a lot of potential for disruption but also many obstacles and hurdles pressures in regards to data security, compliance and scalability. This led us to the idea of having a industrialized distributed ledger technology for the healthcare and pharma industry which is ready to scale, compliant and secure. Blood and plasma is a must have and with every donation the donor produces high-quality health data. This data is extremely valuable and has the potential to upgrade healthcare.

Our vision & mission

We upgrade health care by being the largest, most secure and compliant data provider for the life science industry. We digitize blood donations 

In order to do so, we digitize the blood and plasma industry to and improve industry effectiveness and efficiencies by improving the donation process itself, reduce bureaucracy and strenghten the health of our donors immediately. The data which is generated during blood donations will form a powerful data basis to make clinical trials and patient finding much easier in a second step. 


ONEBIO developed a digital medical ledger for trusted and compliant process engagement for all stakeholders in the healthcare sector such as consumers, patients, healthcare providers, pharma, insurers, and others. Technically the ONEBIO solution is based on an industrial digital ledger that integrates an industrial and scalable blockchain. Digital Ledger technology has already become well established in digital contract management, digital underwriting and other mission critical applications, where auditability and compliance are mandatory. The combination of an industrialized blockchain application together with a comprehensive set of healthcare specific rules, workflows and applications results in a unique trusted end-to-end engagement platform for patient and consumers that could be implemented for a variety of healthcare use cases in the Life Science and Pharma industry (e.g. Patient finding, clinical trials and many more)

Our management team


Bruno Ehrler


Industrial engineer and entrepreneur with long experience in several industries & startups.


Christian Dinten


Industrial engineer with extensive experience in healthcare, pharma, IT software industries, innovation management, industrialization, automation and building a Digital Ledger startup.


Yannick Scheidel


Experienced Strategy, Marketing, Sales and business development expert in multiple industries | Former Top-Tier Strategy Consultant


Hendrik Ludolph


IT expert with strong business experience from the corporate software industry / technical specialization: data management and analytics, systems integration


Bruno Odermatt


Certified Public Accountant, former KPMG executive, founder/partner at Value Solutions Group with long track record in several startup exits.

Our partnerships