Our industry solution boosts efficiency for blood donation centers and pharma companies

We provide an end-to-end software solution connecting donation centers and pharma companies with donors and optimize the value chain for all stakeholders

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Value for donation centers



Our donor app is developed based on best-practice user experience standards. Combined with effective performance marketing and targeting we are able to recruit new donors and direct them to local donation centers. Especially younger donor groups can be targeted with this approach.



It is crucial to keep a good relationship with your donors that they are not donating somewhere else. Our solution provides a CRM solution for you which enables you to manage & retain your donors. Additionally you can call for specific blood groups which are required at the moment.



It is important to make your cost structure effective and efficient. Our software helps you make your cost structure more efficient and effective up to 15% per donation, On top we provide a dashboard with the most important KPI's and advanced benchmarking functionality to compare your center performance with others.

01 Attract & win new donors

Donation centers are constantly confronted with a declining number of donors. Especially the young generation is not engaged enough. We focus on innovative user design and performance marketing to cennect them with you.

02 Manage & retain donors

Your donors are your heroes. If you don't treat them well they will donate somewhere else. ONEBIO helps you to retain them with a CRM solution and recruit specific blood types powered by the ONEBIO digital ledger following highest data security standards.

03 Recuce cost & benchmarking 

There is always something to improve. We provide you with a KPI dashboard to understand & manage your internal performance. Additionally you can compare your performance & cost structure to other donation centers. Our software allows cost savings of up to 15% per donation


Value for pharma companies & CROs



The right quantity and type of blood is mission critical to supply the demand for surgeries, treatments and drug development. 

ONEBIO can help to ensure blood and plasma supply for specific blood groups on demand



Setting-up clinical trials is time consuming. 9 out of 10 clinical trials fail associated with costs between 6 mn. USD to 77 mn. USD. ONEBIO can accelerate the clinical trial process and reduces time to market significantly. Potential patients are out there and we can help to identify them.



The diagnosis of rare diseases takes up to 7 years. Early detection of a rare diseases (e.g. Hunter syndrome) increases significantly the chances of curing. ONEBIO finds patients faster and increases the chance for curing significantly. 


01 Blood on demand 

Blood can't be produced, it need's to be given. Blood and plasma is an important input factor to develop and produce drug and pharmaceuticals. We help you to manage, plan and order your blood and plasma demand in an easy and convenient way.

02 Speed-up clinical trials

ONEBIO can accelerate the clinical trial process and reduces time to market significantly. Our platform is industry ready, compliant with GDPR and follows highest data security standards and can be scaled globally. This allows fast patient finding for clincial trials

03 Patient finding 

ONEBIO is able to identify patients of rare diseases in the Bio-Data distributed ledger leveraging specific algorithm. This increases the chance of curing significantly.