The peer-to-peer marketplace for biodata

Securing data and ensuring full control and traceability by the individual over, it is fundamental for the success of Digital Health. Our Blockchain solution combined with BlackBerrys unmatched capabilities to secure mobile devices and communication channels puts us at the forefront in this field.



What is ONEBIO

Data is the Gold of the digital age and the biodata market is valued up to USD 200bn. Health related data builds the foundation for the transformation of the Life Sciences industry as we know it. The result of this transformation will be healthier and longer life for everyone. As ONEBIO we will play a key role in consent-based unlocking of this data for the benefit of everyone.

Our vision is to provide affordable, secure and global access to medical services for everyone. Our peer-to-peer platform will connect individuals, pharmaceutical companies, blood- & bio-banks and healthcare providers in a value-driven ecosystem. The data on our platform will help individuals, research and non-profit organizations to better understand ourselves and take more informed decisions to improve our lives. Bio data and the information found therein are the lifeblood of precision medicine.

Within the ONEBIO marketplace, individuals are always in full control of their data and its usage. They determine who can see, process & enhance their data, fully protected by technology on a distributed ledger. By providing and enriching their data, cryptographic the individual’s records become valuable goods for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, who may purchase datasets from individuals directly on the ONEBIO marketplace where law permits. The data is then utilized to advance medical breakthroughs and, depending on bio signals from embedded early detection systems that handle the data, also offer healthcare services in return to individuals in need.


Partnership with BlackBerry

The firm said in a press release that it would use its "carrier-grade network operation center" (NOC) to support the digital ledger, which would be developed by biotech incubator ONEBIO. It would specifically be used to securely store data from patients, labs and monitors. Read More

BlackBerry plans medical platform

BlackBerry, the software company and former maker of an eponymous line of mobile phones, announced Thursday its plans for a new blockchain platform aimed at storing and sharing medical data. Read More

BlackBerry and EoT

BlackBerry Brings its EoT Vision to Healthcare to Improve Patient Outcomes. Company announces new partnerships, customers, and blockchain solution for the ultra-secure sharing of data among all healthcare 'things' with BlackBerry Spark. Read More


Today’s health data is spread across a multitude of providers & disintegrated systems. Our vision is to integrate this data within a fully compliant environment and empower both the patients and the healthcare product & service providers to generate maximum value together.

The ONEBIO marketplace will provide the digital capability to take better and more informed decisions to improve our lives. We will be at the forefront of Digital Health. Our peer-to-peer platform will connect individuals and patients, pharmaceutical companies, blood- & bio-banks and healthcare providers in a value-driven ecosystem.

The ONEBIO peer-to-peer value-driven biodata ecosystem

The Marketplace Principle Illustration End user and biodata sample provider » Digital bio data and physical bio samples » turning the bio sample into biodata » Consolidating and enriching the data in an anonymized and decentralized database record » Providing a market place to search and purchase biodata records » Ethics Committee » Research & Development efforts fueled by biodata » Insights & treatment offered to specific biodata records » prevention of diseases based on the individuals’ genome data, biomarkers etc » The user’s wallet application to manage records, tokens and offers » The currency and incentive system of the biodata circular economy

BIODATA Economics

ONEBIO Data Protection

Data Protection is ONEBIO’s first priority and with a combination of different elements we are providing a full hardware and software solution based on Digital Ledger Systems AG. The following elements with the partners make our platform a worldwide unique solution.

  • The ONEBIO Digital Ledger provides a high security platform for all stored customer data.
  • The global BlackBerry NOC Network for a high security hosting and connection.
  • A hardware encryption solution to secure connected devices.
  • Secure smart contracts and decision making.
  • Handle and remove illegal data stored into the system.
  • Solution to provide country specific data privacy and compliance.
  • Multiple layer of industrial grade data protection.
  • Regulatory compliance, including GDPR from start.

The ONEBIO Digital Ledger

The ONEBIO Digital Ledger is built for the Life Sciences industry and is compliant with all regulatory requirements such as GDPR




Management Team


Bruno Ehrler / CEO

Industrial engineer and entrepreneur with long experience in several industries & startups.


Bruno Odermatt / CFO

Certified Public Accountant, former KPMG executive, founder/partner at Value Solutions Group with long track record in several startup exits.


Christian Dinten / CTO

Industrial engineer with extensive experience in healthcare, pharma, IT software industries, innovation management, industrialization, automation and building a Digital Ledger startup.


Sascha Sandi / COO

Serial Entrepreneur / Expert in IT infrastructure & Hosting.


Dr. Hendrik Ludolph / CDO

IT expert with strong business experience from the corporate software industry / technical specialization: data management and analytics, systems integration.



Kuno Bürge

Blockchain Entrepreneur and industrial software executive.


Antonio Ornelas

Life Science, eHealt, Molecular Diagnostic and Personalized Medicine expert.


Prof. Ove Andersen MD, PhD

Internist, Associate Professor at Copenhagen University and Head of Clinical Research Centre at Hvidovre Copenhagen University Hospital.


Georgios Georgopoulos

Physicist, business developer with long and successful track record in sales and marketing in the life sciences industry.


Regula Müller

Bioanalytical Analyst, Chief Laboratory.


Prof. Dr. Torsten Schwede

Expert and Professor for Bioinformatics, University of Basel & SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.


Otto Skolling

Business Development executive, Former VP of BD at Karolinska Development and more than 20 year of experience in medtech, biotech and pharma.


Daniel Hagemeier

Serial Entrepreneur / Expert in IT infrastructure & Hosting. Lecturer for computer science.


Dr. Mettine Bos

Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Thrombosis and Hemostasis.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-04 um 11.00.50

Norbert Farkas

Life Science Expert with solid track record in Pharma, Vaccines and Diagnostic.

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