Do you want to become or already are a blood donation hero?

ONEBIO digitizes blood donations and simplifies the process for donors and donation centers. We support you to save more lives.

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What can you expect?



Easy pre-registration and appointment scheduling at an donation center in your area will make blood donations much more convenient for you.

Additionally you can check-in at your donation center with your digital blood donor ID. 



If you donate blood, your health will be analyzed in very detail. You will get the results of your blood analysis directly into your pocket. This can be fasten diagnosis when you show your data to your doctor. Furthermore you receive individual health advices based on your health status.



If you donate blood and save lives you are already a hero. Nevertheless it is even more motivating if you know once you saved a life, how many lives you already saved in total or how often you already donated. Share it with your community and compare your donation history with others.



Health data is very sensitive. Our  solution follows highest security standards with double encryption and a state-of-the-art distributed ledger technology. The data is owned by you and only by you, but you can give other people access for a certain timeframe (e.g. your doctor)

1 Donation Management

Heroes are efficient and should spend their time on valuable things.

Leave the admin to us. We support you with an easy and convenient solution for donors and donation centers to match blood supply and demand

2 Health analysis & advice

Heroes need to be strong & healthy. Therefore you receive each time when you donate a detailed health check based on your blood count including personal health recommendations

3 Donor performance 

Heroes know what they did. Therefor we notify you when you saved a life, give you an overview of your donation history and let you compare your performance to other blood donation heroes in your country

4 Maximum data security

Heroes want their data to be secure. Our solution is blockchain based and your data is stored double-encrypted. You own your data and can make it accessible to other people, e.g. your doctor to accelerate diagnosis